Alderman Ron Pinchok


Ron graduated from West Virginia University with a B.A. in mathematics. Upon graduation, he went to work for Xerox for three years in sales. From there, he worked for Hallmark Cards in marketing. He spent several years in sales and marketing before being promoted to a sales trainer position and later moved into a market development and leasing position. His career took him from Ohio to Texas and then Florida before he settled in Farragut in 1988. After 35 years, Ron retired from Hallmark Cards in 2010. In 2011, he was appointed to the Parks & Athletics Council in Farragut and was elected chairman in 2013. In 2012, he was also appointed to the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) and was elected chairman of this committee as well. In 2014, Ron ran for office and was elected to the Board of Mayor and Alderman (BMA) for a four-year term as Ward 2 alderman. Ron has since been elected to a second four-year term. Over the last six years, he has held the office of alderman, vice mayor and mayor of Farragut.

Over the last ten years, Ron has been actively involved with expansion plans for McFee Park, the creation of a community center, the renovation of the Campbell Station Inn and several road improvements. Since Ron was on the EDAC, he has proposed a Visit Farragut program, which is now underway with our recently created Tourism Committee. He also initiated the idea of an entertainment district, and the Town is currently in the process of creating such a district with the hope of attracting family-oriented businesses. This is a very exciting time for our town and Ron is eager to help take Farragut to a higher level.

In addition to being on the BMA, Ron is currently on the Tourism Committee,the Visual Resources Review Board (VRRB reviews signing and landscape plans and ordinances that relate to community beautification), the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Steering Committee (to study our future growth plans so we can be pro-active to future growth rather than be reactive) and on the Sign Steering Committee (to review our sign ordinances and make sure they conform to current legal changes). 

Ron has been a resident of Farragut for over 30 years. He and his wife, Debbie, have three married sons who attended Farragut schools and graduated from the University of Tennessee. He is very proud of his family, which now includes six grandchildren. Two grandchildren live in Farragut and attend Farragut schools. Ron loves spending time outdoors and his hobbies include tennis, golf and hiking.