Farragut Schools Needs List

 If you would like to fulfill a need to one of the schools below, contact that individual school. Spread the word to other citizens and/or local business that may want to help provide for our local schools.


 Short Term / High Priority Needs

 Long Term Needs

Farragut High School

11237 Kingston Pike 
Farragut, TN 37934 
Ph: (865) 966-9775
Principal: Ryan Siebe
  • $5,500 (per semester) to staff a two-day per week, after-school Math, Science and English Learning Center for all students. 

  • $38,790 to purchase 30 Lenovo notebooks and 30 desktop computers for Learning Center

  • $10,000 for satellite wireless hubs integrated to the existing central server.  This would complete the campus wireless system and eliminate current bottlenecks of faculty and administration accessing the current system.
  • 4 Large Trash Cans for Outside (Approximately $500 each)
  • Lights along street by the ball fields from Kingston Pike to the FHS campus (safety concern.)

  • Paving repair throughout the campus. 

  • 53 instruments ranging in cost from $825 - $8,757 for a total cost of $155k

Farragut Intermediate School

200 West End Avenue 
Farragut, TN 37934
Ph: (865) 966-6703
Principal: Deborah Adorante
  • $10,000 Continued funding for the teaching assistant in the existing computer lab.

  • A second computer lab with a certified teacher-cost of $33,770 to $58,430 for teacher depending of experience and $21,128 for 32 computers and a mobile cart.

  • 3rd Grade Playground needs a new surface. The school has raised $10,000 of the needed $32,000 for this improvement

Volunteers needed for:

  • Car line duty
  • Library
  • Tutors
  • Small group facilitators
  • Copying
  • Classroom assistants
  • Three (3) PC’s or iPads per room in each of 48 rooms. The cost is $579.99 per iPad x 144= $ 83,500. 

Farragut Middle School

200 West End Avenue 
Farragut, TN 37934 
Ph: (865) 966-9756
Principal: Weston Edmonds

  • 5 Smart Boards
Volunteers needed for:

  • After School Classes:  Volunteer can teach interested students in various subjects - car maintenance, hobbies, etc.
  • 30 Computers for Lab. Computers are over 10 year's old.

  • $13,700 for Active Expression clickers for every pod, (7 sets of 32 per pod. 2 for every grade level and 1 for related arts)

  • New stage curtains 
  • About 30 iPads for library
  • Additional computers for teachers/students would be welcome

Farragut Primary School

509 North Campbell Station Road 
Farragut, TN 37934
Ph: (865) 966-5848
Principal: Gina Byrd
  • Add more iPads - an approximate cost of $22,000.
  • Replace computers in the computer lab to assist with new testing demands - an approximate cost of $44,000.
  • Funds for professional development for teachers to attend conferences and other opportunities and return to train other teachers.
  • Students who are English Language Learners have grown to 10% of the school's population.  Needs include tutors, snacks for students during tutoring, and services for parents and families such as job hunting skills and computer training.